So Many Options

In all my years in optometry, one question comes to mind. “What lenses do I need?” Let’s break this down. If you’ve read the previous blog, “What Does Your Prescription Mean”, it tells you what kind of prescription you may have. By understanding what you have and figuring out what you like to do, it pretty much reveal what you’re going to need.

Single vision lenses will give you the same power through out the whole lens. This is ideal for distance only or reading only. If you like to read, tie flies, draw, knit, sew, etc., this is the lens for you. Lined bifocal lenses are used if you’re needing correction for distance and reading. Lined trifocal lenses are beneficial if you’re in need of correction for distance, reading, and computer. Progressive lenses are no line bifocal or trifocal lenses. This is a great lens if you want to be able to see at multiple distances. Computer lenses would benefit people who spends a lot of time with their digital devices. If you’re lucky enough for your eyes to serve you well thus far, take care of them and treat them to a nice pair of prescription polarized sunglasses. Not only does it block out UV rays, it also protects you from damaging glare. Think of it as sunblock for your eyes.

How do you weed out what you truly want? Think of what frustrates you the most or what you wish you can do with your current eyewear. Keep in mind it’s okay to have more than one pair of glasses. In most cases, you’ll want another pair to use as a spare or as sunglasses. If you take care of your eyes, they’ll take care of you.